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What's in a Name?

You are making a statement about a person's existence, purpose, and value.

When you say someone's name you silently communicate an answer to a number of underlying questions.

  • Do you notice when I'm there?

  • Do you like being around me?

  • Do you recognize my uniqueness?



February 25


Our Series

Sin brings death, but God brings life. Amazingly, we don’t have to wait until Jesus’ resurrection to see where God has power over death. From bringing dry bones to life and saving a prophet swallowed by a fish in the Old Testament to the raising of a man dead and buried in the New Testament, we see God as a God of resurrection. This Easter series culminates with the greatest resurrection of all—Jesus! His death and resurrection mean that sin will never have the final say. We can be risen and experience new life too because of Him! 


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