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First impressions


Our First Impressions Team wants to make sure that every person who enters our building feels welcomed! First Impressions volunteers can serve as greeters, at our coffee bar, or at our Information Center! If you are interested in joining our First Impressions Team, click the button below for more information!

Worship arts


Our Worship Arts Team helps with many different aspects of Sunday morning services! Worship Arts volunteers can serve as a musician or vocalist on the Worship Team, read scripture, serve as a Host, or help with slides, lights, sound, livestream, or cameras. If you are interested in joining the Worship Arts Team, click the button below!


Our Children's Ministry Team is for anyone who enjoys working with kids! Our Children's Ministry includes kids from birth through 5th grade and there are ways to get involved by serving in the nursery, preschool, or elementary areas! If you have a heart for kids and are interested in serving in Children's Ministry, click the button below!


Our Student Ministry Team is for anyone who enjoys working with middle and high school students! Our Student Ministry has Bible Study during the 11:00 service on Sunday mornings and has AWAKE Service on Sunday evenings from 6-8. If you enjoy hanging out with students in 6th-12th grade, click the button below to know what serving opportunities there are!


Our Facilities Team helps with various needs and events in our building and on our property. If you are interested in helping to set-up or tear down for big events, helping with cleaning or other various projects throughout the church, or helping to take care of our outside property, click the button below!


Our Photography Team helps us to capture the life at Chapel Hill! If you have a passion for or interest in Photography, we would love for you to get to use these skills to capture things that are going on at Chapel Hill! Click the button below if you are interested!

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