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What We Value
(Based on Acts 2)

Empowering Prayer

The first church has the description of their fellowship centering around the Communion table and community prayer. A church must be a praying church to be powerfully moved by God. At Chapel Hill, we value empowering prayer.

Scriptural Importance

The first church centralized themselves around the apostles' teachings. Today, we are given these teachings within the context of the Bible, within everything a church must be centralized upon scripture. At Chapel Hill, we value scriptural importance.

Spiritual Presence

The description of the first church being filled with awe is a powerful image. Today, how many churches can truly say this is a part of their DNA? We must return back to having awe in the presence of God. At Chapel Hill, we value spiritual presence.

Extraordinary Community

It is curious that directly after the apostle's teachings in Acts, Luke lists the fellowship of the believers. A community is the glue that holds the Body of any church together. At Chapel Hill, we value extraordinary community.

Exceptional Benevolence

The first church gave to each other whenever another had a need in addition to what they were giving to the church. A culture of benevolence and commonality when it comes to sharing resources is pivotal for spiritual growth and maturity. At Chapel Hill, we value exceptional benevolence.

Daily Interaction

We have described the overlapping of church and daily life within the first church. It was just as common to see a church-member in your home as it was to see them at the temple. Often, we can veer away from this because of how easily our society categorizes friends and social groups. There is great value with having daily interaction with church-members. At Chapel Hill, we value daily interaction.

Praise-Filled Hearts

The joy of Christ was bursting forth in these first believers. Their faith was attractive and grounded. At Chapel Hill, we value praise-filled hearts.

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