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Gain Grow Go

Everything we do at Chapel Hill has something to do with one of these three 'G' words. Our hope is to accomplish true discipleship and spiritual growth through these three filters. Refer to the descriptions below to find out about the different 'G's in G3. 


Gaining In Knowledge

Our desire is to grow you and your family into the fullest potential of who you can be in Christ. Embedded in this desire is a strategy to ensure that your knowledge of Him is constantly increasing. This is achieved through our Core programs, Preaching, Growth Group studies, and Gain University electives. Click the button below to see our Gain University courses.


Growing In Faith

To grow there must be environments designed to stretch and mold you to a stronger faith in Christ. The main way we achieve this is through our Growth Group program. Our Growth Groups are designed to be a safe environment where we can all come from many walks to the unified growth in faith in Jesus Christ. To learn more about Growth Groups click the button below.


Going to the world

Once one has begun to both gain and grow in their faith there is a gigantic opportunity to share that faith with others. With 'Go' we have multiple concepts that could help achieve this 'G'; Local Serving Opportunities, Service Opportunities at Chapel Hill, and Cross-Cultural Mission Trips. Click below to Go.

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