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family values


The Family Values Calendar provides a specific value to focus on and try to be intentional about living out each month. Click below for an online version of this calendar that you can print out and use at home!


Sometimes the hardest part of getting into God's Word is not knowing where to start. We are doing a year-long Bible reading plan that started back in January, but you can pick it up at any time and join us in reading through the Bible this year!


Dinner groups

Dinner Groups are a great way to get to know people over a meal! If you sign up for a Dinner Group, we will match you up with 2 or 3 other couples or individuals and over the course of 4 weeks, you guys will share a meal together each week and get to know one another. Click the button below if you're interested!

growth groups

We believe that transformation happens in community and Growth Groups are a place where you can meet often with a small group of people, doing life and studying the Bible together. Click the button below if you are interested in Growth Groups.

watch parties

Watch Parties are designed for people who at this point are still worshipping with us in their homes. We believe we are to worship in community, so if you are interested in hosting or attending a watch party and joining us online with a small group of people, click the button below and let us know!


CHURCH invite cards

We have Chapel Hill Gift Card Holders available at the Information Center, and we encourage you to buy a gift card for a friend or someone you are wanting to invite to come to church with you!. Purchase them a gift card to a place they like and use this as an opportunity to invite them to worship with us!

serving opportunities

We believe that being part of the body involves serving the church in some way. Click the button below to see the various serving opportunities we have available at Chapel Hill.

buddy bags ministry

Buddy Bags is a partnership we have with Western School Corporation! There are many ways to get involved with this ministry either by donating food, helping to pack bags, or helping to organize and count food throughout the month. Click the button below for more information on how to get involved!

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